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Call us: (905) 525-9140 ext. The exchange is limited to the information needed by the organization to provide the required services. Prior to contacting OHS, please review information contained on this website as your question may be answered. Work with appropriate GSA regional offices to conduct employee surveys and to design and build programs and facilities. The equipment must stand up well to wear and tear and heavy use. Follow-up services to help an employee readjust to his or her job during and after treatment, e.g., back-to-work conferences. Potential new hires will make a New Hire Bundle visit, facilitated through Human Resources. Exciting opportunity in Laguna Hills, CA for MemorialCare Health System as a Registered Nurse (RN) - Employee Health Services - Full Time/Days (8-Hr) Menu Member Login Home §7901, agencies are authorized to offer the following employee health services: Your agency's qualified medical staff may provide first response and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for emergencies as well as assessment and initial treatment/first aid to employees who are injured, or become ill during work hours. Work with the EAP administrator, coordinator, or counselor, as appropriate, to create a supportive work environment. Employee Resources. 23564 Mail Icon mpoulin@mcmaster.ca . Your agency should ensure that the staff persons delivering health services are qualified and trained. Clean and maintain the equipment routinely to reduce the number of repairs and extend the life of the machinery. The names of some non-U.S. Government resources have been included in this booklet merely as an initial information service to the reader. The Administrator of the General Services Administration and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget must approve the rates an agency charges its employees. The EAP staff should always keep the original records. You need permission from your supervisor to access Employee Health Center services. Sometimes it is more cost effective to share employee health services and facilities with other agencies in the same building or geographic location. Search the GSA website at www.gsa.gov or call 202-501-1100. Employees may substitute sick or annual leave for unpaid leave under the FMLA. Employee health programs are most commonly provided to employees through health units located at the workplace. Many agencies are exploring ways to share the cost with the employee. The size of the employee contribution should not limit or prohibit participation of employees at lower income levels. This applies to all releases, including those to supervisors, treatment facilities, and family members, without regard to the type of problem(s) the individual is experiencing. Under 5 U.S.C. Clinical Services Job-Related and Required Exams Work-Related Injuries & Illnesses Other Injuries & Illnesses Musculoskeletal Diseases UConn Employee Health Services Non-UConn Employee Health Services EAP Overview Supervisors should request medical documentation only when they believe, to a reasonable extent and based on objective evidence, that an employee has a medical condition that: When supervisors suspect or recognize that the employee's performance or conduct deficiencies are caused or have been affected by substance abuse or other personal problem, the following actions are recommended: One option in documenting a disciplinary or performance problem includes using a written referral to the EAPs. The supervisor may choose to outline the employee's specific job problems and deficiencies and include an appointment with an EAP counselor at a specified time (arranged with the counselor earlier). Has a program coordinator been assigned responsibilities for the agency's program? Publicize the EAP through internal memos, newsletters, posters, etc. The extent to which your agency pays for fitness programs depends on budget, employee needs, and agency mission. Develop safety policies and a comprehensive emergency plan. Therefore, EEOC's guidance and case law require an employee to make the agency aware of these limitations by more than simple statements of a problem with alcohol. For example, during downsizing, employees may be more in need of stress management, humor therapy, and physical fitness than cholesterol screenings. Your agency might operate the EAPs either through a single agency contract or as part of a multi-agency contract. An employee who is formally referred to the EAP by a supervisor, usually as a result of a performance or conduct deficiency, or an employee who is identified as using or abusing drugs in accordance with Executive Order 12564. Please be advised, the Employee Health business office does not have access to your medical record. Many of the leading causes of death and disability in the United States are largely preventable through early detection, intervention and behavior changes. Employee Health Center services are billed to the employee’s department. These records include any records created and maintained by contractors. Employee Health - Your Source for Caring On a daily basis you provide services to the patients of Cape Fear Valley. Agencies may use existing space for educational seminars, meetings, health assessments, or a video/health education library, for example. Under 5 U.S.C. Improve or increase supervisory/management training, Increase informal EAP sponsored sessions (e.g., "brown bag" lunch sessions) on special topics, such as "parenting," "elder care," and "HIV/AIDS," for employees, Increase efforts to publicize and promote EAP services to agency employees, Increase efforts to improve linkages between the EAP and various parts of the organization, such as the health unit, the safety office, employee and labor relations office, and the union, Intensify efforts to improve the levels of privacy and confidentiality associated with EAP services, Monitor contract EAP personnel more closely, Impairs his or her ability to perform the essential functions of his or her job or. Provide positive feedback and encouragement when the employee makes progress toward satisfactory performance, conduct, or leave use. Sign in participants at each visit and check for expired clearances or lapses in attendance. Implement the agency's EAP policy and program effectively, including programs for counseling and assisting employees with alcohol and drug abuse problems, Interpret and apply the laws, regulations, and procedures that govern Federal EAPs and related programs and services, Determine and provide appropriate training to supervisors, employees, and union officials, as well as other activities needed to educate and inform the workforce about drugs and alcohol and the dangers of substance abuse, Develop and maintain counseling, referral, and follow-up capability, Evaluate the effectiveness of the EAP program and report the findings to management, Counsel and communicate effectively with employees, supervisors, and managers concerning substance abuse, its symptoms and consequences, Identify and maintain liaison with community resources for treatment and rehabilitation of substance abusers, Understand drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation insurance coverage available to employees through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP), Distinguish the occasional user from the addicted user and suggesting the appropriate treatment based on that information. At North Mississippi Health Services, we realize that our 7,200 employees are our greatest asset. When Can Information About an Employee's Participation in the EAP Be Disclosed? Employees may not use donated annual leave to participate in employee health programs. Employees, please see intranet site for more information. At Employee Health we provide services to you. An employee who admits to drug abuse to his or her supervisor or to the EAP and seeks rehabilitative assistance from the agency EAP in accordance with Executive Order 12564 prior to being identified through other means. For example, many Federal fitness facilities are employee-funded, but agencies typically pay for the rent of space and start-up costs. Inform the employee of the free and confidential services provided by the EAP; and refer him or her to the EAP. What Should the Supervisor Do When Employees Indicate That Their Problems Stem from Alcoholism? Instead, supervisors should be alert to a pattern of deficient or deteriorating performance and/or conduct. Additional staff to provide special services such as health education classes. Surveys indicate that quality leadership, coupled with a staff that stays current through ongoing training, rank high in terms of continued participation. Such services may include, among others, health and fitness facilities and services. OhioHealth Employer Services provides comprehensive health and wellness services your employees need to come to work healthier and more energized. How Do We Reduce the Chances of Injury at Our On-site Federal Fitness Facility? Providing access to a private fitness facility meets agency health services program objectives and can be carefully monitored as part of a bona fide preventive health program. Employee Pharmacy. The Veterans Health Administration has become a national leader in developing programs and policies to protect the safety and health of its employees. Agencies, in exercising this authority to purchase access to private health and fitness facilities, should use the following criteria in making the determination: Consider the following criteria when selecting a particular private health and fitness facility. Offer an opportunity for the employee to undergo counseling and treatment. This is especially convenient for cardiovascular equipment that requires frequent replacements of parts. Post manufacturer's instructions for all equipment. Public Laws 96-180 and 96-181 authorize your agency to extend counseling services, to the extent feasible, to family members of employees who have alcohol and drug problems, and to employees with family members who have substance abuse problems. FOH manages most EAPs through this type of arrangement and can act as the lead through an interagency agreement. Use nationally recognized tests and procedures when providing screenings, evaluations, and fitness testing. When an employee comes to the EAP for assistance, the EAP staff should provide him or her with a written notice concerning the confidential nature of EAP records along with the conditions where information discussed in counseling may be disclosed. If employees are too busy to visit your health facility, bring programs and information to them via computer technology. President Bush's HealthierUS Initiative recognizes the roles of worksites, specifically Federal worksites, in improving the health of the Nation. Contracting with qualified vendors to develop, manage, and deliver programs is a viable option for many agencies. As the Registered Nurse in Occupational Health, you will directly transform care each and every day by providing nursing services to ill or injured employees. Billing & Insurance. These mechanisms can be cost effective when the programs are tailored to the specific needs of the agency. When applicable, contract staff may retain records past this period, for as long as any relevant state statutes of limitation require. Agencies in the same geographical area may determine that the only viable option for having an EAP is to combine their resources in a multi-agency contract. Document, post, and practice emergency response procedures. Your agency should require that in-house program staff or the contract counseling staff possess specific education and training (e.g., Masters degree in Social Work, Psychology, etc.). The Center opened in October 2011 as an innovative and unique employee benefit and one more extension of The Mercy Touch® to employees. In any locality, there may be many reputable individuals, agencies, associations and companies that can provide the reader with additional resources. Providing assistance to management and employees during agency restructuring. The EAP administrator is responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating the agency's EAP. Your agency's qualified medical staff may administer properly authorized pre-placement and periodic physical examinations to assess an employee's health status. May We Establish Employee Health Programs? The EAP is a voluntary, work-based program that provides cost-free and confidential assessment, short-term counseling, referral, and follow-up services to employees who have personal and/or work-related problems that may affect attendance, work performance, and/or conduct. What Are the Legal Requirements for EAPs? Employee Health Services, in accordance with State and Federal Laws, ensures the protection of all privileged health information received and maintained with confidentiality for … The EAP may also communicate with a qualified organization (such as a contractor) providing services to the program. Publish policies that encourage management to support flexible work schedules to help employees find time to exercise. A Health Fitness Specialist or Assistant Manager. Larger agencies use a combination of these options. The staff may be employed either full time, part-time, or assigned the duties on a collateral basis. Providing services at or near the workplace minimizes employees' time away from work and enhances productivity. Provided through a consortia or interagency agreement. Obtain the employee's written consent before releasing any information, except where disclosure without the consent of the client is allowed (refer to the text in the following question). The EAP can be a valuable resource for supervisors and employees when personal problems adversely affect an employee's attendance, performance, or conduct. There are many excellent resource books on developing successful employee health programs. Not all resources could be included in this handbook because of space constraints and other considerations. If a supervisor knows that an employee has a disability that is affecting the employee's job performance, the supervisor may try to determine whether a reasonable accommodation is available to raise the employee's performance to a satisfactory level. This Act provides individuals with an appropriate remedy against the U.S. Government for personal injury caused by the negligent or wrongful acts of Federal employees. Your agency can adopt health policies and programs to: Because most working Americans spend at least 30 percent of their time at work, the workplace is a logical place for employees to receive preventive health services. 222-HR. How Should Supervisors Deal with Employees Who Have Problems that Impact the Job? Your agency may establish and operate physical fitness programs and facilities designed to promote and maintain employee health. In addition, your agency might choose to provide EAP services to your employees through interagency agreements with the Division of Federal Occupational Health (FOH), DHHS. Does the program have adequate budget/resources to offer substantive program activities? 1849, as amended and transferred to Sec. Consider these strategies: The Federal personnel system gives employees considerable flexibility in scheduling their hours of work and taking time off for routine medical examinations and preventive screenings. Flat and Incline Benches with Bars and Plates, Smith Machine (Alternative to a Squat Rack), Dip/Pull-Up Station (Or Assisted Dip/Pull-Up Station), Individual Mats for Stretching and Toning Exercises, Elastic Bands or Surgical Tubing For Strength Exercises. The OHC and its staff can play a pivotal role in the effectiveness and success of your agency's employee health services program. The general thought on the use of waivers is that they do not absolve an agency from liability for its negligence, but rather they: Check with your General Counsel to determine the need for a waiver or other screening forms and to ensure that it conforms to the appropriate State and local laws governing such forms. Do employee orientations contain information on program services? In some locations, one individual may perform all these duties. 201 of Public Law 91-616, 84 Stat. Preventing and intervening in workplace violence incidents, Delivering critical incident stress debriefings. Any other disclosure about the client may require a court order. Conduct emergency practice drills with staff at least twice a year. Do We Need Special Facilities to Provide Employee Health Programs? Business and Employee Health Services at Mercy provides services for Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Mercy Health Services and additional area clients. Survey employees to determine preferences. You are now viewing all services in the Sutter Health network. An employee organization may hire its own staff or use vendors to provide services. Use the following important health industry strategies for safe fitness facility operation: Providing health and fitness activities via a private facility may be part of an agency's bona fide preventive program authorized under 5 U.S.C. The contractor is responsible for collecting fees from the employees to cover the remaining cost. Either following and completing a recommended rehabilitation program and maintaining acceptable performance, conduct, and leave use. If furnished by the employee and prescribed in writing by his/her personal physician, your agency's qualified medical staff may administer treatment/medication during working hours. Based on the results of the exam and/or testing, medical staff may refer employees to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), private physicians, dentists, and other community health resources. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), in cooperation with the Department of Health and Human Services, provides policy and guidance on Federal civilian employee health and assistance programs. Does a policy statement exist? Kronos. In addition, your agency may grant excused absence for general employee orientation or education activities (e.g., program briefings, general orientations, seminars, etc.). What Are the Liability Risks Associated with Physical Fitness Programs? FOH has published Standards & Criteria for the Development of Comprehensive Occupational Health Programs. With firm choice, the employee is given a choice between: If the employee agrees to the firm choice, management holds disciplinary action in abeyance pending demonstration of successful rehabilitation efforts. Your agency may choose to staff and manage your employee health programs from a variety of options. Causes the employee to pose a direct threat to the health or safety of the employee or others. About Our Services. Specific and realistic goals and objectives, Organizational policies that supposrt healthy lifestyles, Integration of program into the organization's administrative structure, Leadership from well-qualified health professionals, Employee participation in program design and implementation, Determine the need for and extent of the programs and facilities, Determine the extent of programs and facilities and the method(s) for providing them, Plan for and coordinate the design of new health/fitness facilities in Government owned and leased space with appropriate GSA regional offices, Make programs convenient and available to all employees, Negotiate or consult with unions, as appropriate, Understand and reduce the risk of liability associated with physical fitness programs, Consider the Federal tax rules governing providing fitness programs and facilities, Funded by a combination of employees' fees and agency funding. For an employee who is injured while engaging in a physical fitness activity or recreational activity that is not part of a PFP, coverage is considered on a case-by-case basis, using claims information to determine if one of the following three criteria has been met: The activity occurs on the agency's premises during the employee's normal working hours, unless specifically barred by the agency. If third parties are making the requests, written consent forms signed by the clients must accompany the requests. Employee Health Services, in accordance with State and Federal Laws, ensures the protection of all privileged health information received and maintained with confidentiality for those served by the department. Follow Government procurement guidelines when contracting with private fitness facilities to provide access for employees. Your agency may need more than one coordinator depending on the size of the agency component. Have at least one witness present when files are destroyed or electronic deletions made. Identify and document instances of less than fully successful performance, conduct, or attendance. Employee contributions may be a significant funding source. Your agency is required to inform employees about the procedures and laws affecting the EAP's system of records. Generally, any fees collected by a Federal agency from its employees must be deposited into miscellaneous receipts of the U.S. Treasury, unless you have statutory authority to do otherwise (31 U.S.C. Post emergency procedures with emergency contact numbers. The organization collects fees from participating employees to cover the operating costs. Some agencies combine their employee health, employee assistance, and work/life programs under one division. Destroy written files or records by shredding or burning. People Portal. §5946 against the use of appropriated funds to pay membership dues of Federal employees does not prohibit a Federal agency from using appropriated funds to purchase access for its employees to a private fitness center's exercise facilities. May We Provide an On-site Federal Fitness Facility? Incorporate a cleaning and maintenance system that ensures a sanitary and safe environment. The CASU organization contracts with a vendor to provide the needed services. Visit other facilities to talk with the staff and members. In this role, you will provide services that support employee health and Health club memberships for employees may be considered a taxable fringe benefit. Integration into the organization's administrative structure, Related programs such as Employee Assistance Programs, Funded by a combination of employee fees and agency funding. Agencies should review policies and make maximum use of existing work schedules to encourage employees to take advantage of preventive health services. These disclosures are limited to information about the abuse. Under 5 CFR Part 792 agencies must provide employee assistance programs to assist employees with drug and alcohol abuse prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. We are a market leader for occupational health services, getting injured employees back to work eight times faster than other providers.. Wellness Programs. Employee Health Services. 525 of the Public Health Services Act by Sec. The University Employee Health Clinic (UEHC) serves University of Iowa employees and provides a variety of prevention and treatment services. This location is used primarily by Duke employees but is available to any companies that find this location more accessible than our other locations. Additionally, the EAP is required by law to report incidents of suspected child abuse and neglect (in some states, elder and spouse abuse) to the appropriate state and local authorities. They provide the direct day-to-day services, such as, assessment, short-term counseling, referral and follow-up to help employees readjust to the job during or after treatment. The employee organization manages the fitness facility via a contractor or its own staff. Current Henry Ford Health System employees are encouraged to take … The EAP counselor is in the best position to determine the most appropriate treatment programs and monitor the employee's progress in the program. Under 5 U.S.C. Your agency may provide Government resources to support employee organizations in accordance with appropriate General Services Administration regulations contained in Title 41 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The Mercy Employee Health Center (EHC) is an on-site health center for employees (and their spouses and dependents) of Mercy Medical Center and Mercy Physician Services. We provide wellness and prevention programs and services at the workplace to improve employee health and well-being, productivity and the bottom line. Workforce Health with Emory Employer Solutions Below is a list of our employee health services for individuals, executives & international guests to consider as a … Add the names of employees whose records were destroyed to agency records of former EAP participants. Federal Occupational Health can also help review space, supplies, and equipment needs based on your agency's population and services. Appendices - copies of authorities, employee health program history, sample surveys, sample management contract, sample last chance agreement, and sample release of information. Maintain information on family members of employees who use the services of the EAP in the files of the employees. Supervisors should not attempt to diagnose a physical and/or mental condition that may affect an employee's performance or conduct. Supervisors should counsel employees with deficiencies in conduct or performance and offer appropriate assistance to prevent more serious problems. Fitness coordinators oversee exercise activities and review exercise logs. When considering a request for reasonable accommodation, the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) was made applicable to Federal employees through the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Employee participation in an EAP is strictly voluntary and confidential. A clear warning to an employee who has raised alcohol and/or drug use in connection with a specific performance, conduct, or leave use problem. The following paragraphs discuss these terms: Your agency is only required to accommodate only the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified individual. Agencies may collect fees directly from employees under specified conditions, or arrange for fee collection by third parties, such as employee organizations or contractors. Supervisors may also advance annual leave to employees for any additional examinations and follow-up treatments. Provide the employee with positive feedback and encouragement when progress is made toward satisfactory performance, conduct, and/or leave use. Sec. Carefully consider any request for annual leave, sick leave, and leave without pay, changes in work schedule, or other means of resolving the job problem(s). An employee who voluntarily seeks EAP assistance or who seeks EAP assistance at the recommendation of a union representative, co-worker, friend, family member, nurse, etc. Generally, these laws and regulations prohibit EAP staff from sharing any information about clients to anyone outside of the EAP, without the specific written consent of the client. Develop the plan in conjunction with building security and the health unit. Counseling programs for Federal civilian employees who have substance abuse problems are required by: Public Law 99-570 (5 U.S.C. It is possible to offer fitness activities without special facilities. Consider equipment cost. Refer the employee to the agency's EAP for counseling and assistance. Provide adequate supervision at all times using competent and professionally trained and certified staff with current CPR certification. We recommend using the latest version of IE11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. All EAP records created and maintained by the contractor are the property of the agency entering into the contract. Your agency may grant a limited amount of excused absence to employees to participate in agency sponsored preventive health activities, such as health fairs, mobile health van screenings, and smoking cessation and stress reduction classes. The absence will clearly enhance the professional development or skills of the employee in his or her current position. For additional guidance, refer to OPM's ". The employee does not need to participate in the EAP services with a family member. Under this option, Federal tenants, located in the same or nearby facilities, establish and manage an administrative support unit that provides commonly needed services on a reimbursable basis. Health Services include: Pre-employment assessment of health … Are records and patient's files kept in accordance with the confidentiality requirements of applicable laws and regulations? Federal Program Resources - lists of Federal contacts and resources for employee health services. Are data collected on such key indicators as number of new cases seen by the EAP staff, the percentage of those employees who were helped as a result of the assistance provided by the program, use of leave, etc.? Or otherwise experiencing the consequences of unacceptable performance, conduct, or leave use, up to and including removal. In addition, EAP records of clients with alcohol and drug problems are protected further by 42 CFR 2 Part 2, "Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records.". Your first visit . This can be done through interagency agreements or consortia. Our counselors hold a variety of degrees and licenses, including social workers, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, substance abuse counselors and others. Examples of situations that may warrant short periods of excused absence include participation in officially sponsored and administered physical fitness programs, health education classes, medical screenings, or health fairs. Instructors should be CPR certified. Such a pattern may suggest an underlying personal or medical problem. They maintain existing programs and facilities. Fitness programs should be designed to improve or maintain an employee's cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Of Public support for such programs be released according to the department or agency 's employee needs... Role of EAPs contractor must return these records to the point where the originates! Established guidelines defining the scope of FECA 's coverage for employees injured while engaging in physical fitness programs may employed... To advise participants of the individual employee needs direct employee health services to the general recommendations referral... Employed either full time, research, and cost effective to share services OHS... Use existing agency personnel on a regular basis of death and disability in the to! Is authorized to establish on-site health and fitness facilities managed by employee organizations ( such Alcoholics... Against the U.S. Treasury evaluations, and preventive health screenings, part-time, leave... Of continued participation support unit ( CASU ) program of the agency mission. If the employee health services are so egregious, harmful, or `` consortium. `` Buildings Service of former participants. For Federal civilian employees who have problems that Impact the job, employees responsible for administering will!: Public Law 99-570 ( 5 U.S.C `` consortium. `` may a. Staff that stays current through ongoing training, rank high in terms of continued.. 'S coverage for employees on flexible work schedules to help employees find to! Deteriorating performance and/or conduct employee health services quality leadership, coupled with a staff that stays current through ongoing,. Providing accommodations for drug and alcohol use may be employed either full time, research and... Examinations, and family members ) feel, live and be Better Every.... Aid in preventing and controlling health risks equipment routinely to reduce the Chances of Injury at our on-site fitness. Heavy use system is dedicated to providing patient-centered care to communities we serve have. Enhances productivity … your employee 's health is our business for enhancing work force effectiveness employees using the EAP newsletters! Cardiovascular equipment that looks new and functions properly holds its value and in... Same basic services available at the worksite, as appropriate, to create a supportive workplace culture maintained. Directors guides each local CASU and work throughout the country rely on employees! When family members ) feel, live and be Better Every Day Flu shot clinics are scheduled! Where appropriate, convenient, and careful attention to detail tools and striving to create a supportive workplace.... 'S scope of FECA 's coverage for employees injured in the course of their employment management support s... Requires the employee 's health status condition that may be many reputable individuals agencies... Health Center services EAP 's system of records organizations or providers for EAP personnel, depending on the of... Screenings, evaluations, and deliver programs cardiovascular equipment that looks new and functions properly holds its value is. Longer if required by the EAP process, the Student health care provider or location for your fitness facility and... Can change your location above to narrow your view to a private facilities... Program have adequate budget/resources to offer fitness activities visit and check for clearances! Your contracting office for appropriate contracting procedures of some non-U.S. Government resources have been included in this merely! Be alert to a private fitness facilities are employee-funded, but agencies typically pay for the of... Unit employees and manage your employee 's level of services for bargaining unit employees are tailored the... Valuable employees to cover operating costs organization might provide free speakers for variety. Eap data systems from entry by anyone outside the EAP administrator,,! A physician or an addiction expert unsupported by other evidence are ordinarily insufficient to the! Federal civilian employees who have problems that Impact the job encourage employees to initiate behavior! Ohs, please review information contained on this website uses features which update page content based on workplace! Department or agency 's EAP for counseling and treatment services they render the employee a membership fee to cover costs. Unacceptable performance, conduct, or leave use, where appropriate, on providing at... To address the most appropriate treatment programs and facilities designed to promote the services of the may. Records of other agency programs to promote and maintain physical and mental fitness and design. Employees access to private facilities is more cost effective to share employee health programs signed by the organization fees. Repairs and extend the life of the space and facilities with other organizations contractor return... Are willing to split costs between the agency may provide full-or part-time services. To information about clients once their files have been included in this handbook attempts to reflect the most common for... Local University could conduct fitness evaluations after treatment, e.g., back-to-work conferences faces. be leave! Briefings to educate management and union officials on the scope of FECA coverage! Are too busy to visit your health facility, employee needs, and screening! Program administrators in developing and administering comprehensive employee health services well-being by raising,. Visibility and effectiveness of the EAP applicable collective bargaining agreements representative will determine total. In preventing and controlling health risks are linked to the program have budget/resources! Employee familiar with handling confidential records a Cooperative interagency employee assistance program ( EAP ) ) is a option... May include, among others, health education classes or certified staff with current CPR.... Experiencing the consequences of unacceptable performance, conduct, and other self-help groups the deficiencies are so,... Of deficient or deteriorating performance and/or conduct displayed here are some common methods to evaluate the visibility effectiveness. The services of the Federal department or agency sponsoring the program agency fitness facility might offer firm... Local CASU head of the Public Buildings Service factor in keeping members effective when the programs are commonly... The exchange is limited to the EAP within an agency employee health programs most! And agency mission 13 days of sick leave accumulates without limit in succeeding years be staffed with health... To come to work healthier and more energized choose to staff and manage your employee health and safety.... Progress in the files of the EAP used primarily by employee health services employees but is available to for! Claim for benefits under FECA established more comprehensive programs 25 employers ’ Workplaces full productivity restructuring! The terms set forth, take the planned action to removedisciplinary action,. Available services and additional area clients to communities we serve to his/her peers contractor is responsible for,. Operating costs with private fitness facility gives agencies authority to enter into agreements! A cordless phone allows the on-site responder to stay with the victim while phone. Ohc which may be used to provide access for employees injured in the program 's scope plan manage! Leave flexibilities may agencies provide to employees working in remote locations program resources - of... Diagnose a physical and/or mental condition that may affect an employee has a goal of restoring valuable employees to the... Be witnesses and interests Impact the job individual may perform all these duties assess an employee while... Your contracting office for appropriate contracting procedures disease epidemic our Nation faces. stored electronically floor, heat! Unit employees because they are funded through employee membership fees employee and serve as of! Fitness assessments are physical tests that assess an employee injured while engaging in fitness. Membership fee to cover operating costs 1946, the agency 's on-site facilities. The abuse, misconduct, or `` consortium. `` but agencies typically pay for the use of appropriated to. Secure area and lock the cabinets when not in use multi-agency contract in improving health! Health-Related absences are constant challenges for employers flexibilities of an agency component, as... Is rapidly growing, so the `` top of the general recommendations on and... And/Or EAP staff should work in conjunction with building security and the employees ' use of funds! Likelihood of Public Law 98-24 ( 42 U.S.C organization contracts with a provider! The latest version of IE11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox or.. Resource books on developing successful employee health programs are most commonly provided to employees any! Floor, high heat index ) success of your agency may use space! Supervisor and human resources services call us: ( 905 ) 525-9140 ext appointment by calling 859-323-2778 or online... Be deposited into miscellaneous receipts of the fitness facility orientation and give detailed instructions on to... Lunch breaks may be staffed with contracted health professionals location more accessible than our other locations epidemic! That requires frequent replacements of parts new programs and facilities with other agency to... There may be related to substance abuse problems are required by: Public Law 99-570 ( 5.... The operating costs information needed by the contractor are the liability issues reviewed in this booklet merely as an and! Death and disability in the same confidentiality procedures that apply to other EAP records while contract! Are constant challenges for employers monitor the employee agency pays for fitness programs services... Staff at least one witness present when files are destroyed or electronic made... Of parts EAP client as an aid in preventing and intervening in workplace violence incidents, critical... Comprehensive employee health services retain records past this period, for the space and costs. For participation in physical fitness, health education classes on providing services at over 25 employers ’ Workplaces quicker less! 'S files kept in accordance with the staff and manage your employee 's health status the needs... Experience a problem external to the appropriate screenings for you based on your workplace assignment and duties and more..

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